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The Baj Khedaval Brahmins from Saurashtra form an impressive segment of the society. You will find reference to "Khedaval Brahmin" at Google, MSN Search, Yahoo Search and at other leading search engines.  You will come across "khedaval" blogs at Blogger also. A special article on Khedaval Brahmins is also included at the largest and the most prestigious NET encyclopedia, WIKIPEDIA.

The Brahmin community has made an inexpressible contribution to the seeding and growth of our great civilization.  The Brahmins have been the pillars of the society. For ages, different castes of Brahmins have been contributing to the development of social, cultural, moral, ethical, philosophical and spiritual values.

Their contribution to Indian Philosophy and Indian Scriptures is magnanimous.







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Welcome all the families of  Shri Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Gyati!

Let us pray to God! Let us pray to our great ancestors whose blessings enlighten our life today!  Our 'pranams' to them!

This is the website of the "khedavalbrahmin" Group. The Khedaval Brahmin Group is for the family members of Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmins and their relatives, settled in India and abroad.

The word khedaval brahmin is also spelt as khedawal brahmin.  The Baj Khedaval Brahmins are also referred to as the Baj Khedawal Brahmins. Hence Baj Khedaval  Brahmin Gyati is also known as Baj Khedawal Brahmin Gyati or Baj Khedawal Brahmin Samaj.

The Khedaval Brahmins form a small but dignified part of the Brahmin community.

The Khedaval Brahmins are known for their  sincerity,  integrity, intelligence, diligence and perseverance.

With persistent efforts to grow, the  Khedaval Brahmins have achieved a phenomenal success in life. Many of the Khedaval Brahmins have prospered well not only in India, but in different countries across the world also.

We welcome once again all the members of Saurahtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Gyati!

Let us enter the new era of e-Age with dignity! Let us expedite our progress!

Come forward! Dear Caste fellows!  Join us!

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This website is created for the personal use of families of Shree Saurashtra Baj Khedaval Brahmin Gyati for promoting social and cultural values. We have high regards for all other castes of Brahmins and all fellow human-beings. We respect all castes, races and religions of the world and their beliefs without any bias. After all, the whole world is a family. May  all on the Earth attain Peace!


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